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We’re launching our confidential reporting channel 10. 1. 2022

We don’t just let things lie, so we’re launching our online reporting channel Don’t let it lie”, which is allied to the global FaceUp” system. This new platform let’s our employees and you, our trusted externals, submit any concerns you may have about Bochemie-related matters. You can else send in your ideas on how we can improve. And don’t worry: you can make submissions anonymously or in your own name. It’s entirely up to you. Through this platform, we will also be able to get back to you even if you decide to stay anonymous.

If you have an issue you’d like to raise, download the reporting app at https://www.nntb.cz and key in the company ID (Bochemie) p49zhxhq0e. By entering this code, you can be sure that your suggestion, query or comment goes straight to Bochemie. Similarly, you can make submissions by logging on through Bochemie’s website.

Let’s address and redress your issues together.

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