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How to become a happy employee

We realise that starting a new job can be challenging. But with us you don’t have to worry. We will guide you through your first days with us because we want you to soon become a full part of the team and to feel good here.

You like a vacancy we are offering

Do you want to work for us? Great! Send us your CV or write to us using the registration form.

Job interview

At the meeting the personnel manager and your future supervisor will ask you about your previous experience, knowledge and skills but also what your ideas are about the work and its remuneration. You should also prepare some questions and ask about everything that interests you about the work and our company. Remember that although we are choosing an employee, you are also making a choice – of employer and your future colleagues. The second round of interviews includes a tour of the specific workplace so that you can get a better idea about the job and the working environment.

Job offer and starting your career with us

If both sides’ expectations are met and there is a mutual agreement we will make you a job offer and, once you have accepted it, we will give you more information about starting work and your first day at Bochemie. We also give unsuccessful applicants feedback.

Initial medical examination

Before you start work you will have an initial medical examination carried out by the company doctor.

First day at Bochemie

We will sign your employment contract, give you induction training and the most important information about life in the company. Then your supervisor will introduce you to your colleagues in the workplace.

Adaptation process

You will receive an adaptation plan which your supervisor or an experienced colleague designated by him/her will use to guide you through the whole adaptation process and the stages of your training. During your probationary period, we will tell you about the individual processes across the whole company in relation to your job.


During the adaptation process we will give you regular feedback and monitor your integration plan. This gives us an overview, and you can also see what you are doing well and also what you still need to work on. Of course, you will also have the chance to give your own feedback and your opinion of the progress of your integration.

And now on your own

After you have been integrated your supervisor will go over everything with you again. We will make sure that you understand everything and can start working independently. Good luck and lots of success in your work!

Further personal development

If you are motivated, we will support you in your further development and career growth. We will support your participation at professional conferences, seminars and statutory training courses, offer you specialist training and arrange foreign language lessons for you.

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