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Sustainable development

We believe that our knowledge and responsible actions within the chemical industry will permanently help sustainable development and therefore we invest considerable efforts in projects based on recycling raw materials and energy-saving technologies. We focus on developing products that protect and improve the environment. We are constantly innovating existing products so that they are as safe and ecological as possible.

sustainable development

The logical outcome of our focus on protecting the environment is our involvement in the Responsible Care – Responsible Business in Chemistry programme (since 1997). It is a global voluntary initiative in the chemical industry aimed at sustainability by increasing the safety of equipment and the transport of products and by improving the health of people and the environment. The programme represents a long-term strategy coordinated by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), in Europe by the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and in this country by the Chemical Industry Association of the Czech Republic.

We are honoured to have received a Certificate for our achievements in meeting the goals and objectives of this programme regularly since 1998.

Sustainability goals

As the industry leader, we realise that our activities impact society and the environment, and we feel a significant obligation to both. We also believe that in the long term company growth and economic success can only be achieved if we behave responsibly towards our environment surroundings.

Our work is based on an honest approach to customers, employees and business partners. And the sustainability goals we have set ourselves are based on our beliefs:

  • adherence to ethical business principles,
  • development of environmentally friendly products,
  • systematic reduction in production energy demands,
  • environmental protection,
  • responsible management of waste and chemicals,
  • recycling of packaging materials,
  • protection of the health of employees and customers,
  • occupational safety,
  • assistance in personal development, self-fulfilment and improving employees’ skills.
Protection of the environment and employees’ health

We see environmental protection as being an integral part of our work.

The cornerstones of our strategy are:

  • seeking opportunities for further development in the recycling of used materials and their transformation into high value-added products for our customers,
  • the development of new environmentally friendly technologies.

Carbon footprint

By reducing our carbon footprint in a targeted way over the long term, we are helping to protect the climate and reduce the burden of greenhouse emissions on the planet.

Air protection

Even though the permitted limits for individual pollutants are regularly reduced, we have not exceeded emission limits for a long time. On the contrary, we are not a significant air polluter.

Industrial waste

Throughout the entire production process we place long-term emphasis on continually reducing waste and limiting its hazardous properties. Thanks to our systematic activities and projects focusing on, amongst other things, better extraction of raw materials, the changing structure of our product range and, last but not least, the development of the Environmental Ten”, we have again succeeded in reducing waste production in 2022.

As for packaging materials, we work with the company EKO-KOM, which ensures that they are collected and used.

However, across all industries the future scarcity of raw materials and energy resources, along with their wastefulness, is becoming more and more evident. Common sense, combined with the expertise of our employees and the principles of the circular economy, leads us to seek out opportunities for our further development in the recycling of used materials and their transformation into high value-added products for our customers.

We also use various waste materials as resources for further production, thus saving natural resources. An example is waste from zinc smelters and pickling plants (zinc ash, acid pickling solutions), which we process into the required form for subsequent use in the production of zinc chloride.

Water protection

Water management is an important part of sustainability. Through innovations in production technologies we have ensured production against the leakage of harmful substances and the appropriate storage of materials. In order for us to be sure that the watercourses around the plant remain clean, we have built our own two-stage wastewater treatment plant. Through effective changes in the production process we are able to gradually reduce water consumption per unit of production.

Health and safety at work

We value our employees, who are the main reason for the Company’s success, and we create a working environment for them that they feel good in. We are constantly improving process safety in production, for which we have detailed safety documentation. We also regularly undergo regular inspections by state authorities. However, we place the greatest emphasis on prevention.

Accident prevention

Every five years, we cooperate with the Moravian-Silesian Region, its Fire and Rescue Service and the town of Bohumín to publish an information leaflet about the risks of a potential accident at our chemical plant. In it the residents of Bohumín can find information on how to react in case of danger, how to act in a crisis situation and contacts to all important institutions where they can find further details.

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