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We continue to support SDO Brontosauři 20. 2. 2023

The core activities of this non-governmental (non-profit) organization involve organizing leisure activities for children, young people, and adults, as well as creating conditions for and enabling people with disabilities to lead full lives. The cooperation with children’s homes resulted in present programs that target substitute family care, foster families, and social services.

The primary objective of Klub Pěstoun (“Foster Parent Club”) is to promote and raise awareness of foster care within the new foster community in Ostrava, ultimately increasing the number of new foster parents and reducing the number of institutionalized children, and to provide facilities for the association and its planned programs aimed at educating foster parents and for informal meetings that are used to exchange practical experiences and promote seamless integration of children in foster families. Another important area is the preparation of children for their independent lives in a halfway house.

With the support of Bochemie and others, the association is not only able to continue its work and fulfill its objectives, but it can also keep horses, used for equine-assisted therapy and other activities, and build appropriate facilities for these animals.

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