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Bochemit attends the Annual Wood and Furniture Industry Conference in Bulgaria 13. 12. 2019

The Annual Wood and Furniture Industry Conference is the biggest fair of its type in Bulgaria. It was held on 29 November 2019 in Borovets, a town nestled in the oldest mountain resort in the Balkans, some 70 km from the capital city of Sofia. The conference is regularly attended by about 150 representatives of government institutions, universities and vocational high schools, as well as representatives of companies operating in the field. This year's theme was Woodworking and Furniture Production.

Leading international speakers included experts from Germany, France, Italy, Croatia and Poland. They spoke on industry-related topics, shared their experiences in their own countries and discussed the potential for trade cooperation. The keynote speaker was Professor Sasha Peters, an internationally renowned expert in material sciences from Germany, who spoke on innovations in furniture materials.

Our presentation on protecting wood against biotic pests garnered much attention. In particular, we focused on the importance of impregnation, how to apply and implement impregnation correctly and, last but not least, new trends in this field.

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